About the Project

We are trying something we have never done before: legal scholarship done in “real time” in a highly politicized environment, in which fundamental decisions about the shape of law are being made.

We are responding to Bill C-51, the government’s controversial anti-terror law proposal.

We will be publishing a book with Irwin Law on this topic as soon as humanly possible, and hopefully before the bill is a “done deal” (assuming it is not, already).  Here, our objective is to make available chapters and sections in draft form, as they are prepared.  These materials will continue to be edited up until final publication.  They are dynamic, working documents.  But our hope is that early open-source draft posting will assist those working in this active and developing area.

We cannot deal with every aspect of the bill simultaneously, although you will find our current thinking on many items if you search the web for our opeds, or visit one of us (Forcese) at www.nationalsecuritylaw.ca.

We will develop the ideas and conclusions we present.  If you disagree with the legal opinions we express, tells us.  More generally, we welcome (and very much encourage and need) feedback, critiques, suggestions and observations from other lawyers, legal scholars and other interested persons with expertise to contribute (whether practical, legal, scholarly). We are, in other words, calling for a “crowdsourced” response to Bill C-51.  (But please, no rhetoric and conspiracy theories or political commentary.  That is not what the project is about.)

Please send feedback to: cforcese@uottawa.ca and kent.roach@utoronto.ca

Craig Forcese, Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa

Kent Roach, Faculty of Law, University of Toronto