Bill C-51: Our Proposed Amendments

Kent Roach and I are scheduled to appear Thursday, March 12, 6:30 pm before the Commons Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security, in its study of Bill C-51.  Our table of proposed amendments is too long to present as a formal document, or to translate in a timely fashion.  We are, however, posting it to the world here.  We shall also post our written statements from the hearing.

In our document containing proposed amendments, we report government statements supporting each element of the bill. We then summarize our concerns with that element. Finally, we suggest amendments designed to mute our chief concerns that would, at the same time, satisfy government objectives. In other words, we try to square liberty with security, and propose language that will minimize “second order” impacts from current provisions that we believe could undermine security.

We thank the several legal and security experts who commented on the draft amendments as part of our “crowdsourcing” effort.  We have done our best to address their ideas and comments.

To download the document, visit our download site here.

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