Bill C-51: First Thoughts on Proposed Amendments

Parliamentary committee hearings on bill C-51 begin next week.

We have created a table consolidating recommended amendments to bill C-51. We will continue to tinker with these through the week. On balance, we would be much more ambitious if we thought there any serious prospect that the parliamentary process would accommodate a full and open effort to reconcile clear and informed security preoccupations with clear and informed “second order” consequence considerations (e.g. in relation to rights and also in relation to the possibility of such things as more difficult criminal trials and RCMP/CSIS “confliction” problems). As is, we have proposed changes that we think are reasonable and square the circle between the government’s core objectives and at least mute concerns we and others have been raising.

As always, we are “crowdsourcing” and we welcome comments directed at our email accounts or or twitter @cforcese.

Please forgive us is we can not respond to every message that comes out way.  We are two individuals operating without any administrative support, whose families wonder where they have disappeared to since bill C-51 was tabled in January.

We have posted our draft table of recommended amendments in Word and PDF format.